Document Management

Treeno Software

Companies today understand the benefits of a paperless office in reducing the cost of operations and enhancing the customer experiences while providing greater document security and access. Making the transition to a paperless office need not to instill fear and uncertainty. We understand companies are concerned with disruptive technologies and changing their processes.

In partnership with Office Solutions Treeno brings nearly 20 years of experience in transitioning companies through this process. Our experienced consultants will work to understand your document and workflow needs and configure the platform to work the way you do utilizing industry best practices to ensure you are optimizing the power of the platform. Treeno mirrors your current filing and workflow practices to minimize change and ensure faster adoption and greater user acceptance. For those concerned with the cost of transition, Treeno’s unique architecture allows us to be bring an enterprise class solution at a price point that small operations can afford.

What Office Solutions’ Document Management Solution give you and your employees:

An Effortless Switch from Paper to Digital

You can capture documents from your scanners, your multifunction copiers and other sources. After you’ve created PDFs and other digital files, you can email them or route them to the right people or spots on your network.

A Safe Place for Your Important Info

You don’t need to worry about losing some important record or piece of information. Our document management solutions enable you to save your documents and keep them safe from being stolen or misplaced. When you need them, it only takes a simple search to find them.

What You Need Wherever You Need

Not only can you find your critical files when you need them in the office, but you can also pull them up while you’re out of the office too. Document Management allows you to access your information from anywhere with an internet signal. And don’t worry about someone else seeing your private stuff—our solutions’ security will keep out anyone who doesn’t belong.